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Art and Sociology

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Art and Sociology


This course utilizes art (literature, visuals, sound, etc.) to teach concepts of sociology. While seemingly disconnected, art reflects society and in turn, sociology. The first portion of this course will focus on the sociological theories of the production, consumption, and proliferation of art. Some of the questions we will answer include: why does a subjective product sell for millions, how do we determine when art is obscene, and what purpose does art serve?

Students will be tasked with establishing sociological connections to art. Issues such as inequality can be seen in paintings, songs, films, and any other artistic medium. Art does not occur in a vacuum, and students will unpack that relationship in full.

The final portion of this class will task students with developing their own artistic work that demonstrates sociological importance. Students are not expected to demonstrate technical skills, but instead to connect course concepts to the practice of making art. Prerequisite(s): SOC 101, 103, or 104.

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Creative Process and Production [CP]

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No writing designation

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One-time offering