2023-2024 Catalog
Bates College
The Bates College Catalog is a comprehensive guide to the academic program, including 36 Majors, 27 Minors, and Concentrations.

Academics at Bates

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Academic Program

The liberal arts call for students to consider a full range of perspectives and methods of analysis, often discovering solutions at the interstices of the disciplines. Students are challenged to think judiciously and argue honestly, engage with ideas and individuals respectfully, develop the confidence to change their mind: to grow.

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Bates offers 36 majors, with 23 through academic departments and 11 through interdisciplinary programs. Bates also offers an individual interdisciplinary major and a major in Engineering as part of the college's dual degree program. In addition, there are 27 minors.

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General Education Concentrations

In addition to the major, students successfully complete course work in a second area of study, whether a General Education Concentration (GEC), a minor, or a second major. A concentration consists of 4 courses chosen from a faculty-designed menu that is structured around a clearly articulated organizing principle.

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Short-Term Courses

The Short Term provides an unusual opportunity for a variety of educational programs, including those off campus, which cannot be offered in the regular semesters. Short Term offers an opportunity for innovation, including practioner-led courses taught by experts in a variety of fields, fieldwork in subjects like anthropology or marine science, immersion in studio art practice, dance, theater, and laboratory science, and courses off-campus in other countries.

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A Bates education is open-minded, open-hearted, and open-ended.