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Race and Justice in American Education

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M. Tieken

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Race and Justice in American Education

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This course considers how racial identity, class, culture, and privilege intersect with education systems and structures to shape students’ schooling experiences and academic outcomes. Through readings, discussion, projects, and fieldwork, students explore several questions: What are race and racism, and how do they matter to education? How has the U.S. tradition of racially segregated and unequal schooling played out historically? What are the effects of that legacy for children and for society today? And how do schools currently work to address opportunity gaps? Topics covered include bilingual education, tracking, and access to higher education. A thirty-hour field experience is required. Recommended background: EDUC 231.

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Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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(Africana: Intro Sequence)

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IDAF - AFR Program, IDAM - AMST Program

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