Senior Thesis/Community-Based Research

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K. Aronson, S. Langdon

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Senior Thesis/Community-Based Research


This type of thesis involves community-based research and report writing in collaboration with a community partner and faculty advisor. Students complete 50 to 60 hours of work in a community placement and meet regularly for structured reflection about ethics, the cultural context of students' work, individual and social change, and other topics specific to students' placements. In the winter semester, students register for PSYC 458B and engage in individual conferences with an advisor. Unless there are compelling circumstances that preclude it, students electing to complete a one-semester community-based research thesis are expected to do so in the fall seminar, rather than in the winter. Majors writing a two-semester or honor thesis register for both PSYC 457B and 458B. Prerequisite(s): PSYC 261 or 262.

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Exclude First Years, Exclude Sophomores, Exclude Juniors

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Normally offered every year