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Crime, Violence, and Security in Latin America

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L. Puck

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Crime, Violence, and Security in Latin America

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Despite a region-wide shift to democracy, Latin America possesses higher rates of violence in the 21st century than any other region in the world. Why? This course analyzes the root causes of crime and violence and its impact on Latin America. Through the examination of specific cases, students explore the various manifestations of crime and violence occurring in the region and responses to it by states, citizens, and private entities. Some key themes include the significance of weak and corrupt institutions; legacies of authoritarianism; police reform; the war on drugs; and the emergence of private security.

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(PLTC: Institutional Politics), (PLTC: Security,Conflict,Coop)

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IDLL - LALS Program

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Exclude First Years

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One-time offering