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Politics of Latin America

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C. Pérez-Armendáriz, L. Puck

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Politics of Latin America

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This course considers how major political and economic actors, events, and ideas from the late nineteenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first contribute to strengthening or weakening democratic governance in South America today. Students consider mass politics and populism, regime breakdown and military rule, the twin challenges of democratic transitions and neoliberal economic reforms, and finally the post-transition challenges of persistent low quality of democracies and income inequality. Recommended background: HI/LL 181 and PLTC 122.

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Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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No writing credit

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(PLTC: Identities & Interests), (PLTC: Political Economy)

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IDAM - AMST Program, IDLL - LALS Program

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Exclude First Years