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International Political Economy

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A. Grahame, Á. Ásgeirsdóttir

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International Political Economy


This course offers an introduction to the theories and debates regarding the politics of trade, multinational corporations, money and finance, and regional integration of developed and developing countries. Students explore the connections between international politics and economics both historically and in the contemporary era of "globalization." Topics include the power of transnational corporations, the emergence and significance of the World Trade Organization, and the European Union and the role of the International Monetary Fund in the development world.

Modes of Inquiry

Analysis and Critique [AC], Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

Writing Credit

No writing credit

Departmental Course Attributes - Major/Minor Requirements

(PLTC: Political Economy), (PLTC: Security,Conflict,Coop)

INDS Program Relationship

IDEU - EUS Program

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