The Politics of Authenticity

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The Politics of Authenticity

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Is there such a thing as an authentic self? If so, can politics help us realize it? In this writing-attentive course, students discuss what the politics of authenticity is or might be, how it has been conceptualized in American politics and Western political theory, and why it has become an object of widespread suspicion and continuing appeal. Students examine how authenticity has been posited and contested in three different domains: in the history of Western political thought; in feminist, queer, and transgender writings; and in discussions of race. Authors include Rousseau, Freud, Butler, Malcolm X, Yoshino, and Coates.

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Analysis and Critique [AC], Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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(PLTC: Identities & Interests), (PLTC: Phil., Lit., Legal St.)

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IDGS - GSS Program

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Exclude First Years