Black Feminist Activist and Intellectual Traditions

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S. Houchins

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Black Feminist Activist and Intellectual Traditions

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This seminar examines the intersections of gender with Black racial and ethnic identities as they have been and are constructed, expressed, and lived throughout the anglophone and francophone African/Black diaspora. The course not only pays special attention to U.S. women and the movements where they lead or participate; but it also devotes substantial consideration to African, Caribbean, Canadian, European, and Australian women of African descent. The course combines approaches and methodologies employed in the humanities, social sciences, and arts to structure interdisciplinary analyses. Using Black feminist (womanist), critical-race, and queer theories, students examine Black women’s histories; activism; resistance; and cultural, intellectual, and theoretical productions, as well as digital literacy. Prerequisite(s): one course in Africana, American studies, or gender and sexuality studies.

Modes of Inquiry

Analysis and Critique [AC]

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No writing credit

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(Africana: Diaspora), (Africana: Gender), (Africana: Historical Persp.)

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Exclude First Years