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FYS442 - Shaking It Out: Writing and Critiquing Personal Narratives


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J. Anthony

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Shaking It Out: Writing and Critiquing Personal Narratives


To "essay" means "to attempt; to try." This course offers students rigorous study and practice of the art of the creative nonfiction essay, looking specifically at the ways writers use creative impulses to write better textual critiques, and vice versa. Readings include classics from writers such as White, Angelou, Baldwin, Thompson, Dubus, Didion, and Wallace, and several contemporary American essays by writers like Hilton Als, Leslie Jamison, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, and John Jeremiah Sullivan.

Modes of Inquiry

Analysis and Critique [AC], Creative Process and Production [CP]

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(English: Post-1800)

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Exclude Sophomores, Exclude Juniors, Exclude Seniors