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Music and DiY Culture

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D. Chapman

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Music and DiY Culture


How did consumption become creative? How did musicians associated with punk, hip hop, electronica, and dub reggae create new art from the discarded refuse of late twentieth-century life? This course takes up the do-it-yourself ethic as a defining impulse in contemporary musical culture, informing the democratic amateurism of punk, the "found sound" innovations of the experimental avant-garde, and the collage aesthetic of the digital "mash-up." Students explore Lawrence Lessig's Creative Commons, with its challenges to copyright law, and engage with the work of John Cage, Bikini Kill, Brian Eno, the Raincoats, M.I.A., and Girl Talk, among others.

Modes of Inquiry

Analysis and Critique [AC], Creative Process and Production [CP]

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IDAM - AMST Program

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Exclude Sophomores, Exclude Juniors, Exclude Seniors