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Social Pulse, Documentary Impulse

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A. Dauge-Roth

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Social Pulse, Documentary Impulse


What kind of unique knowledge does a documentary film seek to offer? What are the strengths and the limits of this genre in our increasingly visual culture? Does the documentary impulse bring us closer to the "reality" of which it takes the pulse? Does it force us to face the existential and political practices it makes socially visible? How do documentary films, in comparison with historical fictions or novels, position their viewers and call for social engagement? Moreover, to what extent are documentary films able to renew our vision of postcolonial history and memory and confront issues of power, priviledge, and the diversity of views and beliefs? This course examines these topics through the works of several French and Francophone documentary filmmakers. Prerequisite(s): FRE 240 or 250.

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Analysis and Critique [AC], Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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No writing credit

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Exclude First Years