The Future of Food

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T. Harper

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The Future of Food


This course considers how novelists, filmmakers, chefs, activists, and political theorists have imagined the future of food in a warming world. From works of science fiction predicting the "meal-in-a-pill" to "slow food" manifestos by chefs who call for us to think globally but eat locally, the course explores cultural visions of our culinary futures. Will the future of food be marked by transformative technologies or a return to ancestral traditions and local food economies? Students explore these questions in conjunction with a weekly bread baking "lab" in which they learn the basics of making sourdough using Maine-grown grains. Prerequisite(s): ENVR 205 or one course in English or rhetoric, film, and screen studies. This course is not open to first-year students. Please note: This course has an extra cost of $100.

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IDES - ENVR Program

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