Ecomedia: Audiovisual Cultures of the Environment

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T. Harper

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Ecomedia: Audiovisual Cultures of the Environment


This course explores audio and/or visual modes of environmental expression including film, documentary photography, music, fine art, architecture, the graphic novel, and manga. Working across cultural traditions and emphasizing works by marginalized authors, artists, and directors, students investigate how various forms of ecomedia have been employed to express environmental sentiments, explore environmental issues, and give voice to those impacted by environmental crises. Equal attention is paid to canonical works of environmental art as well as pop cultural and/or nontraditional works that have often been overlooked. Prerequisite(s): ENVR 205 or one 200-level course in English or rhetoric, film, and screen studies.

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No writing credit

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IDES - ENVR Program

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Exclude First Years

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Normally offered every other year