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Depending on one's point of view, soils are geological units, ecosystems, the foundation of plant life, a place for microbes to live, building material, or just dirt. This course takes a scientific perspective and explores the genesis of soils, their distribution and characteristics, and their interaction with plants. Field studies emphasize description of soils, inferences about soil formation, and placement within a landscape context. Labs investigate the chemistry of soils and their role in forestry and agriculture. Prerequisite(s): one of the following: BIO 206; BI/ES 271; CHEM 212 or 215; ENVR 203, 221, or 240; EACS 210, 223, or 240.

Modes of Inquiry

Quantitative and Formal Reasoning [QF], Scientific Reasoning [SR]

Writing Credit

No writing credit

INDS Program Relationship

IDES - ENVR Program

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Class Restriction

Exclude First Years, Exclude Sophomores

Recommended Background

Proficiency with spreadsheets and willingness to deal with basic chemistry, geology, and biology will be required regardless of prior course experience.