Oikos: Rethinking Economy and Ecology

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E. Miller

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Oikos: Rethinking Economy and Ecology

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Economy and ecology share the same Greek root: oikos, or "home." Both name relationships that are crucial to the sustenance of life, yet these two domains often appear to be locked in mortal combat. Why is the oikos of modern life torn asunder? What is this split and how did it arise? Is reconciliation possible? If so, what might it entail? This course brings critical tools from political theory and science studies to bear on these questions, exploring a variety of attempts to rethink the relation between economy and ecology and to reconfigure the very nature of the categories themselves. Recommended background: one course in anthropology, economics, environmental studies, politics, or sociology.

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Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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No writing credit

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(PLTC: Political Economy), (PLTC: Phil., Lit., Legal St.)

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Exclude First Years