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Biogeography is the study of spatiotemporal distribution of biota through the interplay between living systems and the environment. This course explores how biogeographic processes influence the evolution of species, communities, and ecosystems, and provides background and analytical techniques for studying the effects of global change on biota. The course combines evolutionary and ecological perspectives in the field of biogeography and shows how Earth history, contemporary environments, and evolutionary and ecological processes have shaped species distributions. General patterns in space and time across the Earth’s aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are used to illustrate biogeography. This course examines how geographically-linked processes influence evolution and extinction of biota, and provide an overview of the techniques and applications for studying the interplay between geographic ranges, environment, evolution, and extinction. Prerequisite(s): BIO 195 or 204 or ENVR 203 or 240.

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Scientific Reasoning [SR]

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No writing credit

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IDES - ENVR Program

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Exclude First Years

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One-time offering