Black Poetry

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T. Pickens

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Black Poetry

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How does the African American poetic tradition specifically contribute to the literary canon of African American literature and larger conceptions of American and global literature? This course is both an introduction to Black poetics and a deep exploration. The course considers so-called basic questions (e.g., What are Black poetics?) and more sophisticated questions (e.g., How do Black poetics transform the literary and cultural landscape?). Students read a variety of authors who maneuver between intra- and inter-racial politics, including such canonical authors as Langston Hughes and Nikki Giovanni, and less well-known authors such as Jayne Cortez and LL Cool J.

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Analysis and Critique [AC]

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No writing credit

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(English: Post-1800), (English: R, E, DL)

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IDAF - AFR Program

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Normally offered every year