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ENG247 - Contemporary Arab American Literature


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T. Pickens

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Contemporary Arab American Literature

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This course studies Arab American literature from 1990 until the present. Students examine novels, short fiction, memoirs, or poetry in an effort to understand the major concerns of contemporary Arab American authors. Students are expected to engage theoretical material and literary criticism to supplement their understanding of the literature. In addition to a discussion of formal literary concerns, this course is animated by the way authors spotlight gender, sexual orientation, politics, and history. Prerequisite(s): one 100-level course in English.

Modes of Inquiry

Analysis and Critique [AC], Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

Writing Credit

No writing credit

Departmental Course Attributes - Major/Minor Requirements

(English: Post-1800), (English: R, E, DL)

INDS Program Relationship

IDAM - AMST Program

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