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Quaternary Paleoclimatology/Lab

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M. Retelle

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Quaternary Paleoclimatology/Lab


The Quaternary Period, representing the last 1.6 million years of geologic history, is characterized by extreme climatic fluctuations with effects ranging from globally synchronous glacier expansions to periods warmer than present. Records of the climatic fluctuations are contained in sediments on land and in the oceans and lakes and also in the stratigraphy of ice caps. This course examines various climate proxy records and the dating methods used to constrain them. Fieldwork focuses on the recovery of sediment cores from local lakes, while in-class labs emphasize physical, chemical, and paleontological analyses of the sediment cores. Prerequisite(s): any 200-level earth and climate sciences course.

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Scientific Reasoning [SR]

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No writing credit

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Exclude First Years