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Soils and Landscape Evolution

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R. de Castro Portes

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Soils and Landscape Evolution


In this course, students learn how to integrate concepts and analytical tools from geology, pedology, geomorphology, and geochemistry to evaluate the co-evolution of soils and landscapes across time scales. Topics include soil formation, soil geomorphology, stable and unstable isotopes as soil erosion tracers, and discussions about anthropogenic soil erosion and environmental injustice. Students develop a hands-on project using 239+240Pu and delta-13C to evaluate soil erosion/deposition processes. Students develop a sense of environmental justice, and analytical, field and communication skills that are useful in many careers. Two one-day weekend field trips to local settings may be scheduled during the semester. Prerequisite(s): EACS 210 or 240 or ENVR 310.

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Exclude First Years

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One-time offering