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Public History in the Digital Age

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A. Shrout

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Public History in the Digital Age

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Public history takes place beyond history classrooms and academic contexts. Traditionally, it has been found in museums, walking tours, and performances, and has told the stories of people with social and political privilege. Increasingly, however, public history has come to focus on a greater range of voices, and takes place in a wider range of forms: on websites, graphic novels, interactive sensory experiences, social media, and other digital spaces. In this community-engaged course, students learn to see public history "in the wild," engage with primary sources, and present those sources and historical interpretation to the public in digital form. Students with interests in history and public engagement are encouraged to enroll in this course.

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Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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(DCS: Critical Digital St.), (History: Modern), (History: United States), (DCS: Praxis)

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IDDC - DCA Program

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Exclude First Years