Computational Physics

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J. Oishi

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Computational Physics

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An introduction to computational methods for simulating physical systems, this course focuses on the numerical analysis and algorithmic implementation necessary for efficient solution of integrals, derivatives, linear systems, differential equations, and optimization. While the course presents a rigorous introduction to the numerical analysis underlying these techniques, the emphasis remains on practical solutions to important physical problems. Students solve problems across the wide range of applications of computational physics including astrophysics, biological population dynamics, gravitational wave detection, urban traffic flow, and materials science. No prior experience in programming is required, though students without a technical computing background are encouraged to take PHYS s10 before enrolling. Prerequisite(s): MATH 106 and either PHYS 108 or PHYS S31. Prerequisite(s), which may be taken concurrently: MATH 205.

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Quantitative and Formal Reasoning [QF], Scientific Reasoning [SR]

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No writing credit

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IDDC - DCA Program

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Exclude First Years

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Normally offered every year