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The Past, Present, and Possible Dystopian Future of Computing

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C. Diaz-Eaton

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The Past, Present, and Possible Dystopian Future of Computing


In this course students examine the history, present, and possible future of computing through film and literature, focusing on questions at the intersection of computing, digital studies, and communication: Who are the stakeholders and participants in this intersectional area? What are the uses and abuses of data and computing in society? Who has the power of technology and who does not, and what are the consequences of that power? Recommended background: Prior critical-studies-oriented digital and computational studies course or similar course work in Africana, American studies, Latin American and Latinx studies and/or gender and sexuality studies.

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Creative Process and Production [CP]

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(DCS: Critical Digital St.)

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IDDC - DCA Program

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Exclude First Years