Capstone Seminar on Human Cognitive Neuroscience

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M. Greene

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Capstone Seminar on Human Cognitive Neuroscience

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Open to seniors with permission of the program faculty, this seminar focuses on the end-to-end process of scientific discovery using the tools of human cognitive neuroscience. Students work in groups to uncover an open empirical question in the areas of perception, attention, or memory, then design and execute an experiment aimed at answering this question using electroencephalography or eye tracking in human subjects. Students gain experience in modern data analysis techniques including multivariate pattern analysis, time-frequency analysis, image processing, and representational similarity analysis. Prerequisite(s): NS/PY 160 and either BIO 244, NRSC 205, or PSYC 218.

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Creative Process and Production [CP], Scientific Reasoning [SR]

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IDNS - NRSC Program

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Exclude First Years, Exclude Sophomores, Exclude Juniors