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ENG395M - Colossuses: Joyce's Ulysses and Wallace's Infinite Jest


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S. Freedman

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Colossuses: Joyce's Ulysses and Wallace's Infinite Jest


The seminar pairs two books, one modern, one postmodern, both joined by the colossal magnitude of their undertaking, their first readers’ failure to comprehend their work, and the patent ambition of both novelists. James Joyce’s Ulysses, a masterpiece of modernism, was thought unreadable in 1922 at the time of its publication; David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, "the first novel of the Internet," is often read as a postmodern novel of an imposing, perplexing 1,000 pages. The seminar closely compares the two works concerning their historical contexts, their use of history, digression, Hamlet, vulgarity, and stream-of-consciousness.

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(English: Post-1800)

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IDEU - EUS Program

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