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ENG203 - Thinking through Dreams in Medieval and Early Modern Britain


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M. Wright

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Thinking through Dreams in Medieval and Early Modern Britain


How did medieval and early modern people reckon with the mystery of dreams? What did they make of the relationship between the involuntary act of dreaming and the deliberate practices of reading and writing? This course explores the compelling, terrifying, and revelatory effects of dreams in British literature from Chaucer to Shakespeare. In reading works by these and other authors including Malory, Spenser, and Wroth, students examine how literary dreams invite readers to look differently at everyday sources of anxiety: God, sex, nation, and the boundaries of the self. Prerequisite(s): one 100-level English course. Recommended background: ENG 213 or 214.

Modes of Inquiry

Analysis and Critique [AC], Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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(English: Medieval), (English: Pre-1800)

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Exclude First Years