Slavery in Ancient Rome

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G. Gillies

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Slavery in Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome was an enslaving society, yet what little we know about slaves comes largely from the members of the social elite who wrote about slaves in literary and legal sources. How do we recover the lives and experiences of enslaved individuals? This course aims to understand the condition of slavery in the ancient Roman world from a variety of perspectives using methods and theories from social history and archaeology. Key topics include how individuals became enslaved; the treatment of slaves; the coercion and control of slaves; slave resistance; the family life of slaves; manumission and other paths to freedom; the material culture associated with Roman slaves. This seminar will include a mix of short lectures and discussions, as well as both oral and written assignments. Prerequisites: Any premodern CMS or HIST course

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Analysis and Critique [AC], Historical and Social Inquiry [HS]

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(History: Premodern)

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IDCM - CMS Program

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